Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Ruminations

Here’s some random thoughts & some great Danish artists for you to hear on this lovely Sunday evening!

Thank god for Google Translate.

When you smile at people on the street in the U.S., they usually respond in turn. In Denmark, they a) think you are drunk b) think you are weird c) think you are foreign d) all of the above

The food in Denmark may be more fresh and contain less preservatives, but grocery stores here typically only have ten different ice cream flavors…. So a longer life, yes, but I would argue that something might be missing!

If I make it through a single day without being confused about something, I consider it a major accomplishment and celebrate accordingly with Toblerone.

Europeans really do not get Halloween. Case in point, when I brought home a pumpkin, my Italian roommate asked if we were “eating it for dinner tonight?”

Lighting candles everywhere in your apartment may be a fire hazard, but it is so cozy! Or ‘Hygge,’ as the Danes would say. Also helps distract from the fact that the sun now sets at 4:30 PM. I can’t tell whether I should be making dinner or going to sleep.

You don’t really need a top sheet on your bed.

Medina=Denmark’s less weird version of Lady Gaga.

Danish children may very well be the cutest children in the world.

Since no one here celebrates Thanksgiving, no one minds if I break out the Christmas jams before November 25th. Sing it loud, sing it proud, Mariah Carey. #alliwantforchristmasisyou?

Cobblestone streets make everyday life feel just a bit more like a fairytale.

Still struggling with measurements in European terms...

Roommate: "How warm is it outside?"

Me: “Oh, around 60 degrees maybe?”

Roommate: “That’s impossible!”

Me: “No….that’s Fahrenheit.”

Tune in next time for: Danish forests, oral exams, the low-down on my roomies, and an evening of jazz!

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