Sunday, January 8, 2012

From the Desk of Teachah Gracie:

Once upon a time, probably in my Introduction to Japanese Culture and Society class, which was full of curriculum requirement seekers, anime junkies, and very few of us in between, I learned that a true haiku always makes a reference to nature. Or maybe it was to a season?

Once upon another time, probably from my own experience or maybe from some novel, I learned that following all of the rules makes you pretty boring. With that being said, I present you with some original haikus that may not be very Japanese but have 5/7/5 syllables, more or less (seriously, sometimes more, sometimes less).

Good morning, students,

How are you today? We are

Fine, fine, always fine.

I’m speaking English.

You are speaking Thai, I think?

Isaan? Loa? Chinese? Not sure.


You like my skin white, nose big.

You are lovely, too!

Mattayom one nine,

Loud. Crazy. Sometimes amazing.

My little monsters.

Have you eaten yet?

Before there’s time to answer,

Fruit, snacks, noodles, kanom.

Happy Monday!

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